Applications: General washdown in dairy, industrial and some mining areas where a more rubust unit is required.

Fog spray angle of 160º

Material: Cast and heat treated Aluminium with NBR bumper



Applications: General washdown in dairy, marine, industrial, mining and horticultural areas. Lightweight construction with interchangeable adaptors for varying hose size make these versatile products.

Fog spray angle of 160º

Material: Polycarbonate Polymer

Mini Spray Teat

Applications: Fine spray pattern for low pressure wash downs, auto shut-off wash when released.

Material: Polycarbonate Polymer

Fire Hose

Applications: For hose used in domestic and industrial fire kits and wall mounted reels.

Material Specifications: Polycarbonate Polymer

Fire Hose  Fog Jet

Applications: Shut-off, jet and mist effects in the nozzle, fixed teeth.

Material Specifications: Polycarbonate Polymer

Domestic Garden

Applications: Domestic gardening.

Material Specifications:
GHCPN: Polycarbonate Polymer with integral Click-on adaptor
GHCBN: Brass