About Us

For more than 30 years BAT Industrial Products has been manufacturing, importing, and distributing industrial, hydraulic hose, valves and fittings.

Any application where you need to rely on quality products to transfer or control air, water, gas, food, fumes, chemical and petro chemical products you will find BAT there.

If you are involved in mining, agriculture, irrigation, transport, marine, food processing, manufacture original equipment or any industry that needs fast, effective hose, valves or fittings we can help you.

With a comprehensive range of some 12000 line items, we are quite certain that your exact needs will be met, and met with the utmost confidence. Confidence that BAT products are equal to, and in many cases better than other products on the market.

What can we do for you?
Our products are ready and available through the distribution network or BAT.

Hose assemblies
We can manufacture assemblies to your exact specification or needs, and we guarantee our products and workmanship.

Assurance of Quality
We have spent over 30 years gaining agencies from around the world that have the best reputations and products in their respective industries.

BAT tests products to the relevant standards and can design tests to meet customer requirements.

OEM Product Kits
We can save you time and money on providing you with customized kits that can contain one to thousands of parts.

We can reproduce these kits exactly the same time every time.

Hose Management Service (HMS)
BAT’s ultimate solution to the ongoing problem of downtime, excessive maintenance and replacement cost.

We customise a Hydraulic and Industrial Hose management programme tailored to your operation, to increase productivity and reduce costs.