Industrial Hose - Hose Protection

HPPS01 - Spiral Spring Guard


Application:  Galvanised Steel wire designed for the protection of the outer cover of hose. 

HPPT01 - Plastic Spiral Wrap


Application: Tough Polyethylene product is lightweight and designed for the protection of outer surfaces of hoses and tubing is UV stabilised and unaffected when coming in contact with most petroleum based fluids.
Temperature: -0ºC to +80ºC

HPPN01 - Nylon Sleeve


Application: Used for the protection of the cover on hoses. The woven nylon tubular sleeve has a tight weave that helps dispense the flow of fluids should a hose rupture.
Temperature: Can handle up to +135ºC

Glide Ring


Material Specifications: Polyurethane
Applications: Attached to hose to assist when dragging around and to prevent external damage to hose.
Data Sheet - DS-HBCGRPN

Hose Bun / Sling


Material Specifications:  Polyurethane
Application: Specially designed to assist in the handling of lengths of larger bore hose and / or hose assemblies.
 Data Sheet - DS-HBCHBPP

Handle-Tech Safety Grip


Material Specifications:  Nylon 66 with Long Glass Fibre
Applications: Ground breaking tool for todays waste management, agricultural, oil and gas industries to handle the most hostile environments. Easy mechanism enables operator to clamp onto hose or pipe easily allowing for grip, torque, and release through a natural fluid movement.

Interchangeable handle between sizes and from left to right hand side of body.
Temperature:  -40ºC to +65ºC
 Weight Restrictions: 180 Kgs maximum, designed as a hand tool ONLY.

Scruff Strap


Material Specifications: Natural Rubber
Application: Attached to hose to protect the external surfaces.

Whip Checks

Material Specifications: Galvanised steel cables with crimped Aluminium ferrules.
Applications: Used as a safety measure on air hoses, spring loaded loops are fixed either side of connecting coupling. In the event of disconnecting, the whip check grips the hose and minimises the hose whipping around.

Whip Stocking - Double Eye

Other variations with Stainless Steel wire, copper ferrules or single offset eye are also available.
Material Specifications: Galvanised steel wiring, alloy ferrules.
Applications: Developed to handle higher pressure applications encountered in mining and construction industries, this stocking covers the hose. In the event of hose failure or disconnection, the hose whip is minimised.