Clamps -  Pipe Clamps, Pipe Repair Clamps & Tube Clamps

Victaulic Grooved
Material Specifications:

Housing: Ductile from to ASTM-A536,
Hot dipped galvanised
Seal: NBR


Suitable for fire sprinkler and hydrant systems.

Not suitable for hydro carbons.



Victaulic Shouldered
Material Specifications:

Housing: SG Iron AS 1831
Seal: NBR


For the connection of shouldered and pipe in mining and general construction.



Victaulic Quick Release

Material Specifications:

Housing: SG Iron, ISO 1083, Zinc Plated
Side Plates: SG Iron, ISO 1083, Zinc Plated
Seal: NBR


Quick release system saves time when connecting and disconnecting shouldered end pipe and / or fittings.



Tube Clamps
Material Specifications:

Shell: Polypropylene
Plates: Mild Steel
Bolts: Mild Steel



Pipe Repair Clamps
Single Band
Material Specifications:

Housing: Stainless Steel 316
Nuts & Bolts: Stainless Steel 316
Seal: NBR


Designed for convenient and
quick repair on many kinds of
ruptured, cracked or perforated
rigid pipes, typically ductile iron,
grey cast iron, steel, reinforced
concrete and copper.

Design has limited ability to
accommodate axial deflection
and are not intended for use of
joining two pipes together.

Conforming Standards: AS 4181



Half Circle

Material Specifications:

Band: Stainless Steel 316
Lug: Ductile Iron, coated
Gasket: NBR
Fasteners: Carbon Steel, coated


Compact design used for quick repair
of small leakages on lines supplying
oil, water, gas and waste drain lines.

Can be used on pressure lines.

Conforming Standards: AS 4181