Hose Couplings - Camlocks

Type A
 Male Adaptor - BSP Female


Type B
 Female Coupler - BSP Male


Type C
 Female Coupler-Hose Tail


Type D
 Female Coupler - BSP Female


Type E
 Male Adaptor - Hose Tail


Type F
 Male Adaptor - Male BSP


Type DC
 Dust Cap


Type DP
 Dust Plug


Type DCL
 Locking Dust Cap


Type BC
 Bent Female Coupler - 68° & 90°


Type DD
 Female to Female Coupler


Type AA
 Double Adaptor


Type DA
 Female Coupler to Male Adaptor


Type HA
 Hydrant Adaptor


Type LA
 Flange to Male Adaptor




Also available with ANSI 150 and DIN flange

Type LB
 Flange to Female Coupler