Hose Couplings - Camlock Coupling Specifications


A versatile quick release coupling system utilises units with male and female threads for screwing onto piping or pump outlets and hosetails for hose assemblies.

Connection is achieved by coupler arms closing into the groove of an adaptor.

Couplings can be used for the transfer of aqueous liquids, dry bulk materials, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, vapours and food products.

Conforming manufacturing standards: Mil Spec A-A 59326, 20 to 150mm
Sizes 15mm and 200mm are not covered by any manufacturing standard and generally items do not interchange between manufacturers.
Threads: BSP ISO 71/1, BS 2, 1NPT ANSI B2


+ Glass content for Polypropylene and Nyglass is 30%.

 Working Pressure - PSI

 Pressures are based on ambient temperature of 21ºC with NBR seals.

 Seal Operating Temperature